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Last updated: July 12, 2019


This policy is intended to set out guidelines and procedures for managing the use of Cookies on the corporate municipal website.

This policy provides information to the public identifying what Cookies are, how they are used, identifies which Cookies the website uses and explains what each one is for, while providing information on how all users can opt out of or revoke consent to having Cookies used while visiting the municipality’s website ( for privacy reasons.


Cookies Cookies are small text files that a site or its service provider stores on a computer's hard drive through the Web browser that enables a website or service provider to recognize and remember certain information.
Persistent Cookies Means the Cookies that stay on a computer for longer than a visitor stays on a website.
Session Cookies

Means Cookies that are removed when a visitor leaves a website.


The City of Cranbrook website uses both session and persistent Cookies on its website to help understand visitors’ preferences based on previous or current site activity, so that the City can provide visitors with site functionality and services. The City also uses Cookies to help compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interaction to offer better site experiences and tools in the future.
Cookies are used to:

  • Serve the City’s website securely
  • Understand and save visitor preferences
  • Collect analytics information

In addition to City Cookies, the City may also use various third-party services that set their own Cookies to report usage statistics, deliver advertisements, or enable functionality. For example, the City embeds YouTube and Vimeo videos on some pages of its website. In the detailed list of Cookies set by third-party providers below, the City has linked to other cookie or privacy policies if available. In some cases, these providers may also provide cookie consent tools.
Specific Cookies set by the City of Cranbrook website fall into the following categories:
(Note: the Cookies listed below are currently in use on the corporate website and may be subject to change or occasional modification as the requirements of the corporation change.)


These Cookies are essential for the proper function of the City’s website. Strictly Necessary Cookies are used to allow log in, form submission, and use the normal features of the website. 

Cookie Name Purpose


This third-party session cookie is used for Geocortex maps on our site.
- Learn more about Geocortex cookies


This persistent third-party cookie ensures accurate and fast search results.
- Learn more about Algolia's cookies

_biz_flagsA, _biz_nA, _biz_pendingA, _biz_uid, _cfduid, _fbp, _ga, _gcl_au, _gid, _hp2_id.[ID], sparrow_id, sparrow_init

These persistent and session cookies are third-party cookies set by Cloudflare. They identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis. No personally identifiable information is stored.
- Learn more about Cloudflare's cookies


This session cookie prevents XSS script hacks to our AJAX handlers. It is required for security purposes. 


This persistent cookie contains our browser push notification ID. Required for browser based push notifications.


This session cookie is used to complete the ticket buying process.

exp_csrf_token, exp_last_activity, exp_last_visit, exp_tracker

These session and persistent cookies are set by our content management system to track activity and page views.


Performance Cookies are used, in general, to improve how the website works by analyzing use. For example, how visitors use the website, which pages are popular, and what traffic sources are. 

Cookie Name Purpose

_ga, _gat, _gid, collect

These third-party persistent and session cookies are set by Google Analytics.
- Learn more about Google Analytics cookies


Functionality Cookies are used to personalize content or functionality. For example, these Cookies remember visitor preferences upon login. 

Cookie Name Purpose


This persistent cookie is set by our content management system to track when you log in to our site.


The embedded Vimeo player checks if certain features or preferences have been selected by the user in this persistent cookie.
- Learn more about Vimeo's cookies


This is a persistent cookie set by for current weather conditions.


These types of Cookies are used primarily for tracking what visitors do on the City’s site once logged in, and for contextual advertising and advertising network tracking. 

Cookie Name Purpose


_ga,_gat, _gid

This persistent cookie is set by our content management system to track when you log in to our site.

_cfduid, _fbp, _ga, _gid, _hjIncludedInSample, _hp2_id.[ID], intercom-id-[ID], optimizelyEndUserID

These third-party persistent and session cookies are set by to whitelist and serve users of
- Learn more about OneSignal's cookies


These persistent cookies are set by various Google services, including DoubleClick, Google Search and others. Generally, they may record clicks on an advertiser's ad, be associated with a Google account, or store Google service preferences.
- Learn more about Google's cookies

APISID, GPS, HSID, LOGIN_INFO, PREF SID, SSID, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC, yt-remote-cast-installed, yt-remote-connected-devices, yt-remote-device-id, yt-remote-fast-check-period, yt-remote-session-app, yt-remote-session-name

These third-party session and persistent cookies are used for playback, statistics, and preferences for embedded YouTube videos.
- Learn more about Google's cookies
- Google's ad personalization

How to Opt Out of City Cookies

Visitors may opt out of consenting to all Cookies set by the City of Cranbrook website that are not Strictly Necessary but doing so may affect the functionality and usefulness of the website.

Alternatively, visitors can delete or control cookie storage by configuring their browser. Browser configurations vary, see links below:

You have opted out of City of Cranbrook cookies. Changed your mind?

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