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The City of Cranbrook would like to thank the following people and organizations for their contribution of images, content and help in relation to the History of Cranbrook:

The members of the Cranbrook Centennial Book Commitee: Kirsty Findley, Jim Wavrecan, Garry Anderson, Susan Beck, and Lorraine Frocklage.

Anne Edwards graciously supplied the background text and a number of the box stories while Ron Tarr, Brian Clarkson, Mary Walters, and Roy Hales each supplied a box story.

Deborah and Brian Jeffries were instrumental in history research and image selection.

Brian Clarkson, Janice Strong, Alan Maudie, Chris Marchand, Karen Crawford, Kurt Maud, Larry Tooze, Matt Lynne, Neil Weis, and Renee Mac provided the magnificent photographs.

Many more, including Mike Patterson, Pauline Artifacet, Susan Langin, Joyce Gunn, Tom Kirk, Norman Guizzo, Murray Wheaton, Don MacDonald, Kindy Gossal, Carol Howe, Dave Kay, Dan MacDonald and Carol Niedermeyer, contributed in various ways.

We would also like to acknowledge The Herald, Come With Me to Yesterday, The Key City Chronicles, Fur and Gold in the East Kootenays, This Was the Kootenay, Kootenay Mosaic, Kootenay Country, East Kootenay Chronicle, and Tales of the Kootenays for the articles and information they provided.

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