July 25, 2019

Cranbrook, BC (July 26, 2019) -- Sculptures from several renowned BC artists are arriving in Cranbrook to launch the new sculpture art walk that is being developed for the downtown core.

In partnership with the Castlegar Sculpture Walk Society, the City of Cranbrook is excited about bringing these artists into town.

Five sculptures are already in place at City Hall, Spirit Square, the Library, Studio Stage Door and at the RCMP station. The sculptures include works like the Gatekeeper by David Hunwick from Victoria BC, located at Spirit Square by the Rotary Clock Tower and the Rethinker, by artist Wendy Morrison whose piece is located at the Cranbrook library, will all be on display throughout the downtown core for the next year.   

“As we await the arrival of two additional pieces, a mobile-friendly website is being developed that will allow residents and visitors to learn about the artists, and details about the piece itself,” said Paul Heywood, Acting Director of Community Services for the City of Cranbrook.

“The website will also provide a map of all the important art works we already have in town, including the historic buildings and murals that already enhance Cranbrook on a daily basis,” noted Heywood.

The new artwork will be a “catalyst for tourists and local residents to start talking about the artwork, sculptures, and murals that Cranbrook already has on display throughout the city,” said Heywood.

The efforts to focus on the new sculptures, and Cranbrook’s rich art scene is part of a new vibrancy initiative to engage residents, while encouraging both tourism and development in the community.

Where to access the new website and more details about the downtown sculpture walk will be announced shortly.

(Left - Re-Thinker, by Wendy Morrison. Right - The Gatekeeper, by David Hunwick).
Photos provided by Castlegar Sculpture Walk.

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