August 14, 2019

Cranbrook, BC (August 14, 2019) – The City of Cranbrook has been successful in being awarded $100,000 towards improved and upgraded flood mapping through the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP). The NDMP addresses rising flood risks and costs and builds the foundation for informed mitigation investments that could reduce, or even negate, the effects of flood events.

Building on the City’s Flood Risk Assessment project that also received grant funding through the NDMP in 2018, the Flood Mapping project will include new LiDAR, orthophoto imagery and stormwater modelling which will in turn allow for the development and/or modernization of flood maps. A flood map identifies the boundaries of a potential flood event based on type and likelihood and can be used to help identify the specific impacts of a flood event on structures, people and assets.

Manager of Infrastructure Planning & Delivery, Mike Matejka, explains that this is part of a major multi-year investment in flood mitigation and stormwater management.

“The City of Cranbrook continues to work diligently with all levels of government to accelerate the planning, funding and approvals processes needed to undertake high priority flood mitigation projects. Our creeks and major networks are a high priority, and this project further shows our commitment to this work.”

Current flood related projects to be completed in 2019 include the storm trunk upgrade on Kootenay Street as well as multiple creek flow monitoring stations. A major channel upgrade project on Joseph Creek at 15th Avenue and 1st Street South is also in the final planning stages with the City hoping to receive federal approval for construction in 2020.

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