Heritage Register

The Cranbrook Heritage Register identifies properties that are considered by Cranbrook City Council to have heritage significance in our community. The Heritage Register is a planning and promotional tool providing recognition and formal status to a Heritage Site.   It is a statement that the community values the heritage significance of the site.   It does not limit changes a heritage property owner can make to the site or offer any formal protection but its strength is in the recognition that the community feels it is important and should be preserved.

The Register includes the reasons why a property is considered to have heritage value, and may distinguish between different degrees and kinds of heritage value.
The next deadline for nominations is November 15, 2019.

Heritage Register Pamphlet
Heritage Register Nomination Form
Heritage Register Evaluation Criteria
Heritage Register Consent Form

For additional information about the Heritage Registry or if you have questions, please contact:

Chris New
Director, Community Services
City of Cranbrook
Phone:  250-489-0251

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